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Finally the poll is closed. I'm proud to announce the winners in this scary and challenging contest, the Nightmare Challenge! Congratulations!

1st place: :iconsandragon:, with her pic
She wins:
Given by me: full body OC pic with cel-shading level II, XHD wallpaper, llama, 30 :points: and +watch.
Given by Grifforik: a full-colored dragon (without background).
Given by Ryanlj: 100 :points:.
Coming soon, you will receive the winners package, given by AnotherContestGroup.

2nd place: :iconruscsi:, with her pic
She wins:
Given by me: half-body OC pic, XHD wallpaper and llama.
Given by Grifforik: a dragon line-art.
Given by Ryanlj: 50 :points:.

3rd place: :iconfinward-erendash:, with his pic
He wins:
Given by me: chibi OC pic and wallpaper + llama.
Given by Grifforik: 10 :points:.
Given by Ryanlj: 30 :points:.

Again, congrats to everybody in this time, I thank you your participation in this groovy adventure, thanks to my judge partners and all voters, too, your help was bigger to select the great winners.
The prizes that I'm giving will be shipped to you as soon as possible, you will be notified. Please, contact to Grifforik and Ryanlj to get the other prizes. I will send the results to AnotherContestGroup to give the prize to the first place as soon as possible.

I hope you have enjoyed this time along with us and I hope this contest have been a fair play for everybody. See you the next time!

:icong3drakoheart-arts:, away.

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