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:iconblazinflizard: Hellos guys :dummy:

Well first of all I want to announce, that today and during all day we are going to have another chat party like last one that was a huge success and a lot of people came, so let's do it once again :iconnewlaplz:

~Link to chatroom ~…

So guys have a lot of fun and make new friends :D ^^

P.S. No spam or group advertisement will be allowed, nor improper languages, links or whatever that goes against DA's rules, remember this is a group for all ages so please respect other people.


- Because of the massive upload of deviations to the group (we already filled 2 digital art folders and 1 traditional one) , we have limited the deviation submission per day to 3. Sorry but we are going to become a folder graveyard if we continue filling the folders x,D (also in a future the submission per day could change to 2 or even 1 depending on the group's submission traffic)

- Stay alert, new contest coming soon :iconlachoirplz:

Please guys, we are getting lots of wong submissions to the folders of the group, so let me make a super simple mini-guide to allow you to know better to what folder submit each drawing:

Digital Art

- All drawings make on computer WITH COLOR OR SHADING.

Traditional Art

- All drawings made by pencil, paintings, or any traditional media WITH COLOR OR SHADING.

Fan Art

- Colored or shaded drawings in digital or traditional of characters that belongs to TV shows, movies, games, etc.

Sketches WIP

- All LINEARTS, drawings made IN A NOTEBOOK, drawings WITHOUT COLOR AND WITHOUT SHADING, or sketches or works in progress.


- All digital art that moves.


- If the page of your drawings is divided by squares, goes in here (cooomics).


- Dragons with human bodies (NOT HUMANS WITH DRAGON EARS OR TAILS).


- Blood, nudity, exposure of certain body parts, stronge language, etc.


- Crafts, photos, or anything that doesn't fits in the other galleries.

Hope this will help you guys to select the folders for submitting the drawings a little better.

TheDragonLand Administration ~

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