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Hi again dear members of :iconthedragonland::iconblazinflizard: and once again happy holidays :xmas::iconcelebrationplz::la:

Well like in the last journal we got lots of possitive comments about having a secret santa for our lovely group...then why we don't do it? :iconnewlaplz:

Ok so for the people who doesn't know what a Secret Santa is, it's like basically a massive secret art trading event in which from a list of people someone (B) gets randomly asigned to someone else (A), and that person (A) has to make a drawing for (B) of something he wanted or asked, but (A) can't tell (B) he/she is his/her secret santa, they'll find out in the last days of the event once the drawings are done :)
Also (A) is asigned to someone (C) and so and so on...hope this explanation was clear xD
Btw, since we are in the Christmas month and we are ending this one day before Christmas, let's try to ask or make Christmas themed drawings :D ^^
Oh and btw since we are "TheDragonLand" , would be polite if what you ask or draw would include "dragons" xD . I'm creating a folder to upload the drawings, and also will be published in this blog once they are done.

However, for of the WORST things can happen in this kind of events is when someone doesn't get his/her gitfs when they did theirs, so ONLY PARTICIPATE IF YOU WILL BE COMPLETELY AVAILABLE. Person who gets in the contest and for the deadline doesn't makes his/her gift, no matter what the reason is, will be added to the blacklist of the group and WON'T BE ABLE to participate in any kind of contest for 3 YEARS. So make sure you'll be able to do your present ;P

The inscriptions starts today and ends on Sunday 9th at 12:00 p.m. of GTM -5 , and we would start on Monday. The deadline for giving the drawings would be 23th of December, extraordinary the 24th but for the 24th all the drawings must be delivered.

Once the inscriptions are closed, the raffle begins, and people will know by note who they have to make the drawing for, the same Sunday 9th.

Guys...ALL YOUR HEART AND EFFORT IN THESE DRAWINGS!!! , make sure you give someone a nice Christmas present ^^

So with all this said, comment if you want to be in and let the inscriptions begin :iconlachoirplz:

~ :iconthedragonland: SECRET SANTA 2012 :iconcelebrationplz: ~

People participating

- :iconmalinsama:
- :iconningeko16:
- :iconcerulean452:
- :iconcookiegirl14:
- :iconlonyaa:
- :iconaryiea:
- :iconhotenttotta:
- :icondragon-wolf-lover:
- :iconmiayan:
- :iconomnyo:
- :icondracoice:
- :iconhiddendragon-ipv:
- :iconluminstarhero:
- :iconxxxfuego:
- :iconmamorucraft:
- :iconneravirat:
- :iconnucleotides:
- :iconwolfhawkscub:
- :iconcactuarzrule:
- :iconsecretsnowdragon9999:
- :iconfrozenleaf791:
- :iconondie:
- :iconlonespirits:
- :iconblackdragon152:
- :iconelysianimagery:
- :iconliongirl5:
- :iconkittypetro:
- :iconparalell-dragonhuman:
- :iconkaito-haruka:
- :icondarylkwesselman:
- :iconiamwarriorchristain:
- :iconpsythiros:
- :icontalleybear:
- :iconsmaraktwolf:
- :iconshakkara1:
- :iconahtnamaseed:
- :icongamerpainter:
- :iconellisbaby:
- :iconryanlj:
- :iconroseyred-1:
- :icondragon-factor:
- :iconmiirik:
- :icondreamsandreality:
- :iconredthegamr:
- :icondragonofhuecomundo:
- :iconpotionmastercernun:
- :iconenigmatic-wolf:
- :iconholicshadow:
- :iconanimeten10:
- :iconeternaldarkdragoness:
- :iconthehemikoway:
- :iconredscaledragon:
- :iconultralee0:
- :iconwolfmaster2500:
- :iconelemes:

Regards ~
#TheDragonLand's Administration

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