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:iconblazinflizard: Hi dear members of :iconthedragonland:

As you might know guys, the year is about to end for some of us, for others it already ended, however right now comes our journal.

As you might knows guys, this group started as a dream, to be different from any other dragon group, I wanted it to be a group in which all dragon lovers could become just a single family, and share their love for dragons, amazing art, make new friends, and have a place to be in. This group started with 50 people, only my close friends, and some other pals that drew dragons, later I started inviting people that I saw that drew dragons or really liked them, we became 200. Later one we started gathering more and more people, 500, then 1000, 3000, and now... 5648 (if anyone doesn't leaves after this journal xD) . We never celebrated the 1000 members, nor the 2000, not even the 5000, because we wanted to see how far we could go, and couldn't be more proud of the results. My main goal was to gather 3000 dragon fans in here by the end of the year, but didn't know that we could reach even more. We couldn't be more proud of how people responded to the group submitting beautiful dragon art, literature, crafts, and even more. The 2012, was definitely the year of #TheDragonLand, and we are sure that next year is going to be even better, and we will try to get every single dragon fan in the group, to be the ultimate dragon family!!!
But of course we need your help guys in order to do this, because we can't reach all the dragon fans out there, but with your help i'm sure we will :D ^^

Once again we want to thank you all guys for all your support and dedication you have given to the group, and we hope this 2013, we continue been the amazing family we all are x3
Hope this year, all your dreams, expectations come true, and you have the best of the best, have lots of blessings, and hope you always be happy my friends :D ^^

Happy 2013!!! :icondragonglomp:
Wishes you :iconthedragonland:

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