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Submitted on
December 5, 2012


4 (who?)
Hello dear members of :iconthedragonland: :iconblazinflizard: and happy holidays :santa::xmas:

Anyways since Christmas is comming we want to give the opportunity for the members of the group to tell others if they are making commissions, requests, trades, etc. So if you guys want to be added to the list please leave in a comment what type of thing you are doing and how many slots you have available, and in case you are taking commissions a link to the page of your prices and tell us if they are cash or points commissions ^^

~ Artists Taking Commissions ~

- :icondracoice:… :points: :dollarus:
- :iconreenave:… :points:
- :iconchaosphoniex:… :points:
- :iconcamarolp:… :points:
- :iconfalcolf:… :dollarus:
- :iconlastrekia: Note her to discuss prices :dollarus:
- :iconkyulein93:… :dollarus:
- :icontsiki10:… :points:
- :iconxneonshadow21: :points:
- :iconsiofratural:… :dollarus: 3 slots
- :iconsecretsnowdragon9999: secretsnowdragon9999.deviantar… :dollarus:
- :iconfloravola:… :dollarus:
- :iconmangafa20: :points:
- :iconrobthehoopedchipmunk: :points::dollarus:
- :iconwolf-in-the-walls: wolf-in-the-walls.deviantart.c… :dollarus:
- :iconflamefatalis: flamestarthesmilodon.deviantar… (on the left of the page) :points:
- :iconliliire:  :points::dollarus:
- :iconshakkara1:… :points:
- :iconblackshuck5: Note her. :points::dollarus:
- :icondrohung-dragonninja: Note him :points::dollarus: 10 slots
- :iconthe-imperial-dragon: On her page :dollarus:
- :iconflorindazanetti: Note her :dollarus:
- :iconbluebottleflyer: In his page :dollarus:
- :iconartistic-pineapple: On page :points::dollarus:
- :icondarylkwesselman:… :points::dollarus:
- :iconpingwinowa:… :points:
- :iconadder-snakebite:… :points:
- :iconzaelum: On page :points:
- :iconkaito-haruka:… :points: :dollarus:
- :icondragonfire1000: On page :points:
- :iconzarinthya:…
- :icon08wolf08:… :points:
- :iconwarriorkorra:… :points::dollarus:
- :iconlunarosedragon:… :points:
- :iconpoisonouspeach:… :points:
- :iconfahstine: :points:
- :iconpotionmastercernun: :dollarus:
- :icondark-crescent-studio: dark-crescent-studio.deviantar… :dollarus:
- :iconenshohma:… At the left of page :dollarus:
- :iconryedragon:… :dollarus:
- :iconharlequinhare: Note :dollarus:
- :iconwolfmaster2500: Note :points:
- :iconthewolfsfriend: Note :points: 5 slots
- :iconarkaeldarknnes: Note :points:
- :iconzendar13: Note :dollarus: 8  slots
- :iconwalldryx45:… :points:
- :iconthewritingdragon: cameras1direction-me.deviantar… :points:
- :iconeiden-enea:… :points:
- :icononigirystuff:… :points: 9 slots
- :iconantareswolf: Note :points:
- :iconxx-starduster-xx:… :points::
- :iconnekkohime:… :dollarus:
- :iconxlugialuver1x: Note :points::dollarus:
- :iconadrik-the-bat: On page :points:

~ Artists Taking Trades ~

- :iconwolfhawkscub:
- :iconchaosphoniex: 4 slots
- :iconmangafa20:
- :iconsandragon: 1 slot
- :iconblue-dragons-fan:
- :iconcjuptegraft:
- :iconomnyo:
- :icontotodile-fan:
- :icondragodog3496:
- :icongamerpainter:
- :iconblackshuck5:
- :icondrohung-dragonninja: 5 slots
- :iconbluebottleflyer:
- :icongraciegra:
- :icondragonlilies:
- :iconwarriorkorra:
- :iconjashinist112:
- :iconpokedotcat: 1 at a time
- :iconiamwarriorchristain:
- :iconxx-starduster-xx:
- :iconlunarosedragon: 5 slots

~ Artists Taking Requests ~

- :iconchaosphoniex: 4 slots
- :iconblue-dragons-fan:
- :iconcjuptegraft:
- :iconomnyo:
- :icontotodile-fan:
- :icondragodog3496:
- :iconshakkara1:
- :icongamerpainter:
- :iconcereliakip:
- :icondragonlilies:
- :icondragonfire1000: Sketches
- :iconwarriorkorra: To watchers only
- :iconpokedotcat: 1 at a time
- :iconshadowpus:
- :iconlunarosedragon: 5 slots

We also want to make a Secret Santa event for the group, you know, the event in which you are assigned a random person that you can't tell you are his/her Secret Santa and you make a drawing for them, and an "X" person makes a drawing for you as well.

So tell us in a comment what you think about that and maybe we can start with the inscriptions on Friday and begin the event on Monday; the deadline would be the 24th of this month.

Regards ~
TheDragonLand Administration.
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hunterbahamut Jan 15, 2013   Digital Artist
With the holidays passed, are you going to have this list up for general use now? Cause I wouldn't mind being on this list.
SuperSonicFireDragon Dec 13, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I'm taking point commissions, the info is on my page. :)
katehedgehog Dec 10, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
I take point commissions [link]
Hart-Adoptz Dec 9, 2012  Student Artist
i can [after finals..2 on 12th and i guess the 17th one isnt that important so after 12th maybe?? ] be up for trades..
id do requests but i can only do ppl [im not that well..not sure if ill do trad or base tho]

[i hvav 5other trades i need to do so..i hav to do tose first]

can u maybe put the commish list .. i mean not the price but at least in groups.. of like. how much theyd be like one group 1-10, 10-20, or whatever.. id make it easier finding ppl who i wanna commish instead of looking at 5 ppl who are like 100points
ill even help with the list [if i have time]
also secret santas a kool idea but i cant do it cause im not THAT good..
bmbbaby4 Dec 7, 2012  Student Filmographer
I'm taking requests over the winter break! Message me if you're interested :)
I do commissions! [link] my dragon plushies<3 I only have like 1 slot available (at least, if the person wanted it to get there before christmas, otherwise I'd take more) Note me about prices - OR I would accept a trade for one, depending on what was being offered in return ^-^
cookiegirl14 Dec 7, 2012  Student Filmographer
i do this!
an[link] from my gallery and then some.
i have 2 slots open.
i take 3 at a time btw
jashinist112 Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist General Artist
I do trades- but I'm more into Black Butler for my request during the trade.
BlazinFlizard Dec 6, 2012  Hobbyist Digital Artist
K added ^^
pokedotcat Dec 6, 2012  Student General Artist
I might be able to do a trade or request. But it will take me a while because of school work and the fact I can only do ONE picture at a time...
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