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Because I feel it's necessary to give our members (heck, everyone) a reminder now and again as to what belongs where in our gallery and to clarify some folders that may be confusing to some people. Additionally, and though it is unavoidable, people still seem to submit works to folders that aren't associated with their art and I would like to clarify the purpose of each folder!

Most of the text below is copied from the previous Submission Guidelines journal… with some edits.

Digital art V7 (or later)

Art finalized or created entirely on the computer go here. If it was sketched on paper and completed digitally on a device (computer, phone, tablet) goes here. (ART MADE WITH TRADITIONAL MEDIUMS DOES NOT GO HERE.)

Traditional art V3 (or later)

Completed pictures done entirely on paper with copics, colored pencils, crayons, paint, any traditional mediums go here. (DIGITAL ART MADE ON A DEVICE DOES NOT GO HERE.)

Artisan crafts

Necklaces, rings, clay/stone/etc. statues, covers, knitting, needlework, etc. those kinds of jewelry and cute items go here.


Dragons with a humanoid body shape go here. (MATURE CONTENT IS NOT ALLOWED HERE, clotheless dragons are ok, just make sure there are no bits showing.)


Works in progress/uncompleted works go here, traditional or digital are accepted.

Fan Art

If this is art of a trademarked character such as Spyro, How to train your dragon, Dragon-type Pokemon, Eragon etc. then it goes here.


Any writings/types of fanfiction (poems/short stories/novels/etc.) go here.


Comic pages, graphic novels, and covers (aka pictures with multiple panels inside that tell a story) go here.

Reference sheets

Drawings geared towards specifically depicting a character's appearance, features, bio, abilities, etc. (most commonly drawn in a side view, or with multiple views and a color key) go here, traditional or digital content is accepted.


Dragons and dragon-like characters that are currently available for adopting go here. (PLEASE ONLY SUBMIT OPEN ADOPTS, NOT PREVIOUSLY CLOSED ONES.)


Mature work such as nudity, heavy blood and gore, sexual content, sensitive material, etc. all go here. (Out of courteosy of other members (and particularly younger members) PLEASE PUT A MATURE FILTER ON THESE WORKS AS NEEDED.)


If it doesn't fit in any other folder, submit to this one.


Doodles you don't plan on finishing. sketches, stupid things, classroom doodles, etc. Sketches can also go into the sketechs/Wips folder, but are accepted here as well.


Any art that shows a process of how you draw dragons' anatomy and other dragon-related things such as a body, paws, heads, horns, wings, eyes, etc. will go here. (This includes panels showing the process, gifs, and videos alike.)


Journal skins ONLY WITH DRAGON CONTENT goes here.

Animations and pixel art

Gifs and other things that move or works that specifically rely on pixels to portray a dragon character such as run cycles, lip sync, pixel dolls, icons, etc. will go here.


Any art that isn't 2-Dimensional or in real time and are made with 3D programs such as Maya, Zbrush, Blender, 3DS Max, Garry's Mod, etc. go here.

Temporary Folders (Secret Santa, Contests, etc.)

These folders are only open at specific times, such as during the holidays when we engage the community in a secret santa or when contests are held. (THESE FOLDERS ARE ONLY ACCEPTING SUBMISSIONS WHEN THESE EVENTS ARE GOING ON.)


Journals: Journals (commissions, information, contests, etc) won't be allowed to submit and will be automatically declined, also deviations about commission information. This is a group strictly dedicated to dragon art not for advertising.
Non-Dragon art: This group is strictly dedicated to dragon art, no matter how good nor advanced your art is, it must be dragon art if you want to submit it to our group.
To Closed folders: If they are closed, they are either expired events or full. do not submit here, your submissions will be declined.
To old contest folders: If the contest is over, please don't submit to these folders past the deadline. Keep an eye out for active contests!

Please respect these rules before submitting anything or simply asking the admins a question, thank you!


Best Regards.
TheDragonLand Administration
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Gallery Folders

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[G] listening to the song of north by WandererTamplior
[Pure Light] Chief of Civil Police by WandererTamplior
[Pure Light] ready to strike then down by WandererTamplior
Digital Art V7
Spooky 2017 (Speedpaint) by ScytheaAndLanarkine
Mydray pixel doll by xNeonshadow21
Captive by Wisemans-sn
Eyecon commissions by Sudden-Paws
Artisan Crafts
Sky Blue by zagiir
Blue dragon crochet by Ludaritz
Dragon crochet 2 by Ludaritz
Red D20 Dice Dragon on a Clear Elven Die by Euphyley
Traditional Art - CLOSED -
Leviathan by Zombiraptor
Traditional Art V2-CLOSED
Inktober #5: Long by Ryuvhiel
Traditional Art V3
Fangorn, Dragon of the Forest. by LadyAnaconda
The Fire Mage by Maquenda
Sketches-WIPs-Line Arts - Concepts - Scraps
Gareth Angles Sketch Dump by CamKitty2
Fan Art -CLOSED-
[Spyro] lazy days by WandererTamplior
Fanart V2
Interstellar Demon Stripper - D by PustyXoX
Flare and Fire: Act of Volition pg 49 by oogaboogaz
Reference Sheets
Pardra (2017) by Pardra
Adoptables Auctions
[OPEN]spoopy rainwing adopt auction by skye-leaf

Mature Content

Lashing Out (inktober #2) by Isaac-391
Dragon Cookie 327 - 10-18-2017 - 6-54 PM by Labatryth
Walking along by GadzooksTD
Kei's Super Long Sparkle Dragon Tutorial by Kei-Ivory
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Animations and Pixel Art
White dragons in dragoncave style by FuriarossaAndMimma
3D Art - 3D Animations
Teikono by dungeonmeister
Past Events
Collab Contest - A walk on the beach by Ryusuta
Secret Santa 2012
Dragonland Secret Santa 2012 by AngeliqueArtistry
Secret Santa 2013
Secret Santa - Victor by Dreamer-In-Shadows


-- by SEGAmastergirl -- :iconsegamastergirl:SEGAmastergirl 181 10 (Closed) Coral guardian adoptable by MissChrysaalis (Closed) Coral guardian adoptable :iconmisschrysaalis:MissChrysaalis 163 26 Commission - EternalMischief by MissChrysaalis Commission - EternalMischief :iconmisschrysaalis:MissChrysaalis 48 26 Sire by MissChrysaalis Sire :iconmisschrysaalis:MissChrysaalis 35 11 Saenk'trs by MissChrysaalis Saenk'trs :iconmisschrysaalis:MissChrysaalis 54 10 Commission - Inghelene by MissChrysaalis Commission - Inghelene :iconmisschrysaalis:MissChrysaalis 26 10 Swamp Hag - HarlequinHare by MissChrysaalis Swamp Hag - HarlequinHare :iconmisschrysaalis:MissChrysaalis 110 32 Commission - Desert-Wyvern by MissChrysaalis Commission - Desert-Wyvern :iconmisschrysaalis:MissChrysaalis 26 11 Smol Dragon Adopts by MissChrysaalis Smol Dragon Adopts :iconmisschrysaalis:MissChrysaalis 28 22 Ra-meil head by gryphon1 Ra-meil head :icongryphon1:gryphon1 7 0 Dragon's lair by MF1989 Dragon's lair :iconmf1989:MF1989 44 0 Meditation by Mistyrdis Meditation :iconmistyrdis:Mistyrdis 62 7 Welcome to Mythos by SpaceTurtleStudios Welcome to Mythos :iconspaceturtlestudios:SpaceTurtleStudios 187 14 Knowledge is Power by SpaceTurtleStudios Knowledge is Power :iconspaceturtlestudios:SpaceTurtleStudios 119 22 Adopt Dragon OPEN by J-Dove Adopt Dragon OPEN :iconj-dove:J-Dove 45 20 Rage by Natsuakai Rage :iconnatsuakai:Natsuakai 322 58

Latest Favourite Artists


:iconthedragonscave: TheDragonsCave Finally really cool folders. :iconheroesofholaviafg: HeroesofHolaviaFG :iconnewanimallife: NewAnimalLife :iconjademountainartists: JadeMountainArtists Has the war lasted twenty years? :icondragon-souls: Dragon-Souls For dragons great and small!


Welcome To TheDragonLand!


Open every night starting from 8 p.m.! =D :iconnewlaplz:


:iconthedragonland: :iconthedragonland: :iconthedragonland:

~~~~If you know any dragon fan, feel free to invite him/her to join us! ~~~~






I'm glad to give you all the welcome to this new amazing group dedicated to all the dragon lovers, fans, appreciators, and much more. In this group you'll be able to submit your artworks and share it with other dragon fans that for sure will love it, just make sure to put everything in the correct folder.



- No discrimination
- No insults
- No hate art
- No trolling nor flaming
- Submit everything to the correct folder
- No harassment or anything that goes against the DeviantART rules
- No spam on the group's page


- Make a lot of friends
- Submit a lot of art
- Participate in contests
- Invite your friends
- Have a lot of fun! :D

More than a group we are like a big family of people that share a same interest, that is the love to the dragons, so I really hope you guys have a lot of fun in here, make new friends, and do what you are the best... draw amazing dragons :icondragonglomp:

~Many regards~
TheDragonLand Staff

The image in the group's avatar is property of DendouguiDragonPowah and the character is by SolarPaintDragon.
Super group's upgrade by NethyTheDragon.


The Amazing StAff of :iconthedragonland: , that is always working to make this group a better place :D ^^!!!








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