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Hello dear members of :iconthedragonland:

First of all I wanna thank all the members that helped us out in the site testing :D!!! Now the site if live if you wanna join the future art community that will take over the world feel free to join ArtNoodle I'm sure you'll have a great time (and have the username you always wanted :icongrinstareplz: );D!!

Well in other news as the title says, we are going to open the members commission journal again, so feel free to leave a comment in this journal with the link to your commission journal and if you are accepting cash or points:

Message from Yorialu: Be sure to give all of these artists a look, there's some great art out there and they need your support, even if you can't buy something from these artists, if there's something you think a friend will like, be sure to link em, or feature other artist's journals with their commissions! <3

Members taking commissions:

- :iconbigfluffycow: :points::dollarus:
- :icontsunamiholmes: :points::dollarus:
- :iconkaidahthedragon:  :points::dollarus:
- :iconheart-of-a-dragoness: heart-of-a-dragoness.deviantar… :dollarus:
- :iconarkhelios:… :points:
- :iconaeriplumis:… :points:
- :iconlairai: :dollarus:
- :iconsoronasulea:… :dollarus:
- :iconpuddathere: :points::dollarus:
- :iconflamefatalis:… :dollarus:
- :iconscr1b3: :dollarus:
- :iconmysticishfully: :points::dollarus:
- :iconfireytika:… :dollarus::points:
- :icontank50us:… :dollarus::points:
- :icongragaza:… :dollarus::points:
- :iconolexafox:… :points:
- :iconskudde:… :dollarus:
- :iconrattus-shannica:… :dollarus:
- :iconsilv-r:… :dollarus::points:
- :iconrockwell-light:… :dollarus::points:
- :icondizzy--mae:… :points:
- :iconenigmatic-wolf:… :dollarus:
- :iconshippochan1000:… :dollarus:
- :iconradiantraindragon: radiantraindragon.deviantart.c… :points:
- :iconthunderboltfire: :dollarus::points:
- :iconhawkheart11: :points:
- :iconcynderen:… :points::dollarus:
- :iconnatsuakai:… :dollarus:
- :iconzyden:… :dollarus:
- :iconharidelle:… :dollarus::points:
- :iconthebumbleraven:… :dollarus:
- :iconpandesalvado:… :points:
- :icontiktaaliik:… :dollarus:
- :iconvaylersilv:… :dollarus:
- :icongoldenrod-tea:… :dollarus::points:
- :iconradiantraindragon: radiantraindragon.deviantart.c… :dollarus::points:
- :iconyorialu:… :dollarus::points:
- :iconisellahowler:… :dollarus::points:
- :iconsaziskylion:… :dollarus:
- :iconladystarstruck:… :dollarus:
- :iconpandesalvado:… :points:
- :iconirishcoffeecat:… :points:
- :iconsolarpaintdragon:… :dollarus: :points:
- :iconahtnamaseed:… :dollarus:
- :iconjcartspace:… :dollarus::points:
- :iconwinterfrostdragon: winterfrostdragon.deviantart.c… :dollarus:
- :iconthunderboltfire:… :dollarus:

Special Commission Offers

Sat Jun 3, 2017, 11:07 PM
You know what puts a hard wrench into someones financial side?
College and Hospital stays…Mostly the Hospital stay.

Yup, I had to go to the Hospital not to long ago for another infection in my kidneys 
although it wasn't as bad as last time, they wanted to keep me overnight this time to do some test ect..ect…
Long story short I need cash XD. Even though my mom said she'd pay, I'm not one to let her pay for everything cause she works so god dam hard for us.

So I have some special commission Bundle offers.

Please Read Carefully before ordering 

Summer Commission Bundles by SoronaSulea

Hello dear members of :iconthedragonland:

Well as you know we are always encouraging to socialize between are members, friendship, etc. So if you want to escape from the stress of school, college, work, your worries in life, come and relax a little bit in our group chat, that is always opened ;D!!!

Link bellow:…………

So yeah hope a lot of people join and that everyone has a fun time :icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2:
Hello dear members of TheDragonLand.

As we love to share happiness among the group we also have to be together in hard times. Today we find out that one of our very first members, staff, and a personal friend for a lot of us, Kate :iconpaulmccartneys: passed away a few weeks ago and no one ever find out until now. I knew Kate personally during many years and I can say she was an outstanding amazing person, she was really fun, kind, full of joy and definitely someone you wanted to be around. We don't know what happened to her, we find out because her family started a fundraising campaign for her services and currently 2 artists started taking commissions to support the campaign. We leave the journal here if you are interested in helping.

Collab Commissions- GoFundMe EditionUPDATE: We have raised $463! I'm still waiting for one payment to come in, so once it does, I'll donate this whole batch of money to the GoFundMe! Thank you all so much for your love and support. Thank you to everyone who donated or bought commissions, and thank you to all those that helped to spread the word :heart:

All slots have been taken! I'm not home right now but I'll update this journal later and fill in the slots. For now, check out Frosty's version of the journal, which has been kept up to date!
Tellastar and I are opening up some collab commissions, in order to raise money to support paulmccartneys family, due to their tragic passing. The family has set up a GoFundMe and are aiming to raise $5,000. They are currently at $1,335. Frosty and I will be donating any money we make to the family, so that

Kate was not only an amazing friend, but also a true dragon lover, fan of horses and Paul Mccartney, and hope that wherever she is she finds peace and she can know for sure that she will never be forgotten. Today we had a great lost, but the happiness that Kate gave to the people will stay for us forever.

Rest in Peace Katie you will be missed.
Hello dear family members of :iconthedragonland:

Hope this year 2017 is going amazing for all of you so far =D!!! And oh well if it isn't we really wish it becomes good for all of you ^^!!!

Well we want to make something unusual cause you know, we don't consider ourselves just any other group but a huge family of dragon fans under a same roof ;D!! :icondragonhug:

So we would love to hear from our dear members what do you guys expect the group to do this year regarding contests, journals, events, etc. :icondragonspin1::icondragonspin2:

Also we invite all of you to comment and tell us how are you doing this year so far, hows your life, worries, concern, goals, projects so we can have a nice chat :D!!! It's nice that as friendly community we are we know how our comrades are feeling:icondragonglomp:

So yeah don't be shy and comment everything on your minds :D

TheDragonLand Staff.

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